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firefox You've seen those little #tags on Twitter, haven't you? Very useful to let others search for the same term. And to let people searching find your tweets as well

We can analyze your Twitter feed, and extract tags (which are literal, but important, phrases from your blog), and themes (which are guesses at what the content might be about). Then we post it back to your feed, to make your content more searchable and accessible to others

If you look on the right, you can see individual and aggregated automatic hashtags

If you click on the button below, you'll authorize us to post automatic hashtags to your Twitter feed every 20 tweets or so. You can deauthorize us whenever you want. You'll be redirected to Twitter, and we'll never see your password.


Swirly Tags

Fancy something like this on your blog? You can let it tag your own pages, or select someone else's like we have here.

Here's an interesting idea. Why not take a look at your Twitter feed with tags! All done automatically.

Get one for your blog or website If you want a bit more control, click here to get the raw code, or if you need an automatic tag cloud for To see your Twitter feed, fill on your Twitter ID:

We'll update your tags at @linkkytags as well - Don't want them? Tweet STOP to @linkkytags (Now unsuspended - Thanks @ginger!)

Encrypted passwords

Nothing to do with tagging! Do you find that you can't remember all of your passwords. Honestly, don't you use the same passwords over and over. And doesn't it worry you that you give these passwords out all the time, all over the web? One crooked employee, and your accounts are hacked all over the web

It doesn't have to be like that. With some simple javascript, the passwords can be encrypted using MD5 one-way hashing algorithms to make your "usual" password unique for every site you visit. The widget above is a way of getting the user to do it themselves, so it's a quick fix. A competent programmer ought to be able to use one of the many fine javascript libraries available, and quickly encrypt our passwords before they are sent over the ether.

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